Victor Poulard

Student-entrepreneur @ Sciences Po

Quam (startup project)

Quam is a mobile application aimed at revitalizing city centers, promoting cultural activities and developing short circuits through thanks to an innovative social platform and business utilities. Under development.
Awarded of the CitéRêves grant (City of Grasse).

Freelance development

SPMUN (video trailer)

SPMUN is an event gathering 250 delegates, coming from 7 Sciences Po campuses, in Reims around the theme "Code Red for Humanity" or how to solve the climate crisis in the framework of a COP simulation.
Produced by : Victor POULARD

Le Malaise (short film)

In silence, the other victims of Covid feel helpless as their mental health deteriorates. This situation is referred to as "malaise étudiant". Produced under 24 hours as part of the Semaine Folle focus Africa2020 organised jointly by Sciences Po and ESAD Reims.
Directed by : Victor POULARD
Cast : Ana ACERO, Darina DAKMAK

Graphic design

Victor Poulard